Open Day 2017

Winsford Gardens Open Day Sunday 4 June 2017

Open Day 2017 4

Open Day 2017

Our 2017 Open Day was probably our best yet, on the basis of any measurements one would care to make – numbers of people attending, numbers of volunteers helping, profit made, the weather…

As in 2016, we didn’t complicate things, we know what works and we stuck to what we are good at. The day was sunny and their was a good attendance, with many families seeming to stay awhile with kids playing in the gardens. This year we had a visit from Madam Mayor of Bromley [Kathy Bance] around 1pm; she stayed quite awhile chatting. As in previous years, Musica Medioca ensemble played background music.

Open Day 2017 1

Mayor Kathy Bance at 2017 Open Day


Home-made cakes sold-out again, even though we’d tried to increase volume produced. A few home-made small loaves were left.

Childrens’ activities

All activities popular and parents happy to donate £1/balloon animal [treasure hunt prize] and £2/face painting. Bird feeders and woollen dream catchers, planting-out lettuce seedlings in new raised bed popular.

Open Day 2017 2

Face painting at 2017 Open Day


Sold-out courgettes, runner beans, swiss chard; tomatoes and herbs also sold well. Also, bedding plants in flower  and cosmos. Selection of perennials and roses sold well. We raffled-off print of watercolour of the gardens by local artist – this raised some additional income.

Open Day 2017 3

Plant Stall at 2017 Open Day

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