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Dentsu Aegis Network get Dirty in Winsford Gardens

Dentsu Aegis Visit

Dentsu Aegis Network Visit Winsford Gardens

On a fine warm September 2014 day, Penge Green Gym volunteers working at Winsford Gardens in Penge, south east London were very happy to welcome a group from Dentsu Aegis Network for an afternoon of gardening and renovation work. The main task was to cut back the wildflower meadows and then get on with the task of re-building the fencing around the meadows.

Dentsu Aegis Network

Dentsu Aegis Network Sawing Fence Posts

The original fencing had unfortunately not survived the rigours of ‘life in Penge’ with the woven hazel and willow branches construction suffering from a lot of damage over the months. Penge Green Gym-ers had decided a much more robust structure was needed, including wooden posts being concreted into the ground, and sections of fencing panels to be made from cut timbers screwed in to the uprights. Our visitors from Dentsu Aegis quickly got on with the tasks in hand – be it helping dig the holes for the uprights, sawing up the poles to length, and fixing them in concrete, cutting timbers for the fencing, and assembling the cut timbers to the uprights. At the same time, other keen Dentsu Aegis workers got stuck in to clearing out areas around the pond and bog garden area, and removing invasive ivy from one of the main beds.

Dentsu Aegis Network

Digging Post Holes

Dentsu Aegis Network

Completed Fence

All in all it was a very productive afternoon – and Winsford Gardens benefited greatly from Dentsu Aegis’ efforts. Part of their donation was spent on buying timbers, and other materials (like post-crete and screws) for the new fencing; we have plans to spend the rest of the monies on more seating areas within the gardens, and re-stocking and re-vitalising some of the flower beds.

You can find out more about the Dentsu Aegis Network Corporate Social Responsibility programme #getDANanddirty at Project Dirt and our Project Dirt – Penge Green Gym journal.

– See more at:!/journal_entry/31249Project Dirt

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