AGM 2018


Winsford Gardens
Penge Green Gym Community Group

Annual General Meeting AGM

Wednesday July 11th 2018

Held at Winsford Gardens, Penge at 12.30pm

All those present –

Brenda Little, Electra Thompson, Gavin Fairhurst, Keith Rodwell, Jeremy Husain, Jane Dubeck
Penny Read – idverde,
Judith Johns
David Fergusson
Larry Herbert, Tom Wilgar, Michael McFarlane, Ben Mead, Sean Ryan, Tom Wiltshire, Ann Gibney, Cathy Bance, Heather Collyer, Terry, Linda Whall,

Apologies for absence –

Chris Morton, Mary Morinan

1 – Notes from the previous meeting were agreed as an accurate record. They were signed by Brenda Little

2 – Chair’s report

Brenda Little presented a report on the Friends of Winsford Gardens/Penge Green Community Group activities for the period July 2017 – June 2018. The main points to note were:

3- Treasurer’s report

Keith Rodwell circulated a summary of income and expenditure of the Group for the period 30 June 2017 – 30 June 2018, prepared by Chris Morton.  Details can be supplied on request.

3 – Election of Officers and Committee members

According to our constitution, all committee members, officers and project leaders stand down at the AGM. All officers, committee members and project leaders were willing to stand again for election and had been nominated and seconded by existing volunteer members of Penge Green Gym.

Committee members and project leaders for 2018/2019 –

Chair (and project leader) – Brenda Little
Vice Chair – Keith Rodwell
Secretary (and project leader) – Electra Thompson
Treasurer – Chris Morton
Committee member – Social media and public engagement officer (and project leader) – Dave Fergusson
Committee member (and project leader)– Jane Dubeck
Committee member – Jeremy Husain

4 – Plans for the future

The 2018/19 plans included maintenance of existing park fittings such as replacing benches, and balance beams. We would also continue to work with the gp’s surgery across the road and we will look into the possibility of sending a team over to Royston Fields depending on numbers of volunteers and the areas requirements. It was noted that it was important to keep a balance between finding work for volunteers and keeping the park as a haven for the local wild flora and fauna. It was felt that it was important not to ‘over-develop’ the park. There was a question regarding provision and safe guarding of vulnerable volunteers.

Penny Read thanked the members of Penge Green Gym Community Group/Friends of Winsford Gardens for their ongoing commitment to the gardens and its future.

Meeting closed at 1.05pm.


Brenda Little

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