AGM 2017

AGM 2017

Winsford Gardens

Penge Green Gym Community Group

Annual General Meeting

Wednesday July 5th 2017

Held at Winsford Gardens, Penge at 2.15pm


All those present –

Brenda Little

Electra Thompson

Gavin Fairhurst

Keith Rodwell

Jeremy Husain

Jane Dubeck

Penny Read – idverde

Apologies for absence –

Dave Fergusson

Chris Morton

Lynda Whall

Andy Hodgson – idverde

1 – Notes from the previous meeting were agreed as an accurate record with an amendment of the name Councillor Kevin Brooks.  They were signed by Brenda Little

2 – Chair’s report

Brenda Little presented a report on the Friends of Winsford Gardens/Penge Green Community Group activities for the period July 2016 – June 2017. The main points to note were:

  • Once again, we have averaged between 12 – 15 volunteers at each session throughout the year, come rain or shine; ten new volunteers have been registered, and of these six have ‘stayed’ with us. One or two have re-joined us, and one or two have left for pastures new. All our volunteers should be congratulated on their commitment to improving Winsford Gardens for the local community.
  • Thanks to sponsorship from Ancaster Garages [and Keith’s persistence] we installed two new signs aimed at encouraging locals to come in and enjoy their local park; we liaised with Penge Men in Sheds to construct an information board, now installed at the main Croydon Road entrance. We ran events for locals, viz weekend workshop in August 2016, in conjunction with ‘froglife’, and had our best-ever Open Day in June 2017. The 9th Penge Brownie group visited the gardens late June to do planting-out, watering and litter-picking. We’ve continued to maintain the gardens through cutting-back overgrown vegetation, improving sight-lines, and revealing some damaged wire fencing [subsequently repaired by London Borough of Bromley]. Once again, our efforts were recognised locally [Penge in Bloom awards], and nationally [Keep Britain Tidy Community Green Flag awarded for 2016/2017 + Green Flag special award for innovation]. We also worked with the Purple4Polio international initiative [via Bromley Rotarians] to eradicate polio through planting-up purple crocuses for which we made a donation.
  • Being in our sixth year of operation, we’ve been repairing/replacing some features created in our early days [eg replacing rotting raised beds with higher level, more accessible, sturdier raised beds using a grant from Greggs Foundation Environmental Fund; replacing the derelict insect hotel near the toolshed with smaller insect hotels installed along the fence from Croydon Road entrance; replacing rotting stepping logs in children’s play area with a new hopscotch area]. We also re-stocked 3rd and 4th original rose beds [using a grant from Metropolitan Public Gardens Association] .
  • We’ve worked closely with idverde [contracted by London Borough of Bromley to manage Bromley’s parks and open spaces] and are grateful to their support [eg organising delivery of farmyard manure to ‘feed’ the rose beds and other areas; taking away our non-compostable green waste]. Regular litter collection, and seasonal grass-cutting continue to cause some concern to the volunteers, and our regular visitors.

3- Treasurer’s report

 Keith Rodwell circulated a summary of income and expenditure of the Group for the period 1 July 2016 – 30 June 2017, prepared by Chris Morton.  The main points to note were:

  • The group spent £2,774.92 on its general activities and projects; £1,510.37 was spent on projects, both of which were fully-funded by external grants [from Greggs Foundation Environmental fund, and Metropolitan Public Gardens Association]
  • As agreed by the management committee, much of the surplus carried forward from June 2016 had been spent on general items, including replacement hose reels, tables and flasks, gardening equipment, and new signage. In all, £1,264.55 had been spent on general items in 2016/2017.
  • The total surplus of £3,226.89 as at 30 June 2017 will be carried forward; more than half of this is made-up of the Tesco Bags of Help grant income, of which 75% has already been paid in advance [and 25% on completion]
  • Noted we instigated an audit process last year which worked well and will be repeated this year. The committee has also agreed that we should work towards having around £500 in reserve, to cover unexpected expenses [and/or upfront costs of materials linked to projects where monies are held-back until completion]

Chris was thanked [in his absence] for his meticulous accounts; he will continue as Treasurer for a further year [see below].

3 – Election of Officers and Committee members

According to our constitution, all committee members, officers and project leaders stand down at the AGM. All officers, committee members and project leaders were willing to stand again for election and had been nominated and seconded by existing volunteer members of Penge Green Gym. Additionally, one new volunteer member,  Jeremy Husain, had been proposed and seconded and was duly elected.

Committee members and project leaders for 2017/2018 –

Chair (and project leader) – Brenda Little

Vice Chair – Keith Rodwell

Secretary (and project leader) – Electra Thompson

Treasurer – Chris Morton

Committee member/Social Media Director (and project leader)  – Dave Fergusson

Committee member (and project leader)– Jane Dubeck

Committee member – Jeremy Husain

4 – Plans for the future

The main development in this coming year will be the new gravel garden [replacing one of the wildflower meadows] plus rebuilding of raised beds and creation of small pond in the growing area, all funded through the Tesco Bags of Help scheme. Idverde had already approved the development in principle. Idverde have offered support in rotivating the wildflower meadow, with early autumn the likely timescale. From discussion about the type of seating being proposed for the new gravel garden [seating with back support] it seems that we will need to review the design, in conjunction with idverde, to take into account health and safety and public liability issues.

Penny Read thanked the members of Penge Green Gym Community Group/Friends of Winsford Gardens for their ongoing commitment to the gardens and its future.

It was suggested that next year the AGM be held during the tea break of a regular gardening session to encourage more volunteers to join in, and discuss plans for the gardens.

Meeting closed at 3.00pm.

Penge Green Gym (Friends of Winsford Gardens)

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