Donations to Penge Green Gym are always very welcome. Every donation to our work, no matter the size, is extremely gratefully received.

People are often surprised to learn that we receive no permanent funding towards the work we do. We have received grants from various different bodies towards the larger projects in Winsford Gardens, and smaller amounts have met our weekly running costs.

We spend about £700 pa on running costs & another £700 pa on improvements to Winsford Gardens. That’s on top of anything else we spend from grants that we may be awarded towards specific projects.

Please donate if you are able. While our volunteers give their time for free there are many other costs such as plants, materials, publicity and training for which we must raise money. A huge thank you to the local people who have set up standing orders through PayPal to donate to Penge Green Gym every month. We really do appreciate that help.

£3 would buy a trowel. £5 would buy secateurs or wildflower seeds. £20 would buy a billhook, a spade or a fork; or go towards the First Aid training for a volunteer leader, our insurance costs, or new plants for the gardens.

You can Support us by donating securely online at our PayPal page:

Credit or debit cards accepted.

Donations are always welcome


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