The Winsford Gardens Map

The Winsford Gardens Map was designed by local artist Lis Watkins and highlights the main areas of the gardens for visitors, both new and old. The construction of the signboard for this new map took place during the early summer of 2021 to mark Penge Green Gym’s ten years of transforming Winsford Gardens in Penge into a safe and welcoming environment for the local community and urban wildlife.

Launching of this new illustrated map took place on Wednesday 14th July [same day as AGM]. The signboard was erected opposite the existing ‘blackbird’ sign, with another copy to follow at the railings at the Garden Road entrance.

The sign was unveiled by LB of Bromley Councillor William Huntington-Thresher, portfolio holder for the Environment.

Here you can see pictures of the unveiling:

Here you can see the steps taken in the creation of the drawing by Lis Watkins:

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