Our Trifold Leaflet

“Nestled in the heart of Penge lies a hidden gem…” So, begins our updated Trifold Leaflet, which is based upon the visitor comments made at our annual Open Days, The leaflet will be made available at the dispenser on the notice board in Winsford Gardens and will be distributed to local libraries and shops.

While re-designed in 2019-2020, the leaflet was put on hold while we were forced to cancel our weekly gardening sessions in Winsford Gardens due to the Covid-19 pandemic and UK Government instructions of social distancing and outdoor activities. We are now pleased to be able to launch our new leaflet to coincide with our celebration of ten years of transforming Winsford Gardens in Penge into a safe and welcoming environment for the local community and urban wildlife.

The leaflet explains some of the history of Winsford Gardens, how Penge Green Gym itself came to be formed, our aims, our awards, and what is required to volunteer with us on Wednesdays. It finishes with a look at the ecology of Winsford Gardens and where to find us.

Our Trifold Leaflet 2

Our Trifold Leaflet 1

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